As the weather cools outside, it's natural to want to turn up the heat.

Before you crank up the heat this winter, consider some of these cozy ideas to keep your apartment warm.

When we're outdoors, we dress in layers. Indoors, we can dress our apartment the same way. No matter what type of flooring you have, they can get cold. Laying area rugs throughout your apartment adds extra insulation keeping your floors warmer.

Our wardrobe changes with the seasons and so should your apartment. Lightweight window coverings are perfect in the summer, but during the winter you'll want to swap them out for thermal drapes. Change your sheets from cotton to flannel and top them with a thick comforter. If you have a ceiling fan, remember to reverse it to push down the warm air near the ceiling.

Just because you are indoors, doesn't mean you shouldn't bundle up. Don't turn up the heat without adding some extra clothing first. Thermal socks, slippers, and fleece sweaters can make a big difference.

Add a cozy touch to your living room with extra fleece throws and warm blankets. Keep blankets handy by draping them over the backs of furniture or over the arms of your chairs and couches. 

Cooking with your oven can really heat up the apartment. Plan for meals that need the oven through the winter and spend some time baking holiday treats. When you are finished with the oven, turn it off and leave the door cracked open a bit to let the remaining heat out into the apartment.

Your apartment can be cozy and warm all winter with these simple suggestions. If you're looking for a new apartment this winter, we have plenty of listings available in your area.