If you’re a pet owner, then chances are your living scenario heavily accommodates their needs. This means that looking for an apartment can be challenging, but this is not the case if you’re living in a Park Property building. All 79 of our buildings are pet friendly, which not only means that we’re happy to welcome your pets, but also that we have some helpful tips when it comes to making your apartment as comfortable and safe for them as possible. Here are a few of our top do’s and don’ts for living in an apartment with pets.

Do: Establish and Maintain a Bathroom Routine

Living in an apartment can be challenging for our pets but is made a whole lot easier when they have a routine they can count on, especially when it comes to their bathroom schedule. Whether you’re working off a designated bathroom spots on pads in your apartment, artificial grass on your balcony, or short walks outside, make sure you spend a great deal of time focusing on training them to know when and where they can go, so that you’re not met with accidents, and they’re not riddled with anxiety towards going where they’re not supposed to.

Don’t: Put Plants Within Your Pet’s Reach

There are several plants that are considered poisonous to our pets, especially cats and dogs. Therefore, before you bring a new plant home to join you and your pet, check with your vet to make sure it is not of significant risk to your animal. Even if a plant won’t poison your pet, you don’t want them snacking on them. So, if you do have pet-friendly plants, make sure they’re stationed somewhere out of your pet’s reach to minimize accidents.

Do: Establish a Relationship with Your Neighbours in Case of An Emergency

Knowing that your pet is taken care of if you’re running late, traveling and get stuck, or if there is an emergency within the building in your absence, is key in terms of giving you peace of mind. Pet friendly buildings usually come with pet friendly neighbours, meaning introducing yourself to a few people on your floor, especially if they have pets, will only serve to benefit you should you ever need a hand. Trust us, they’ll appreciate it as there will be times when they may need help with their pet as well!

Don’t: Leave Your Pet Unattended for Long Period of Time

  • A major difference between an apartment and a house is the amount of traffic within your living space that can trigger your pet. Without the comfort and safety of their human home with them, our pets are eagerly waiting for them to come home and while they do so, are listening to every single noise, which depending on your building can mean elevators, conversation, bicycles in the hallways, deliveries, alarms, and traffic. So, as a general rule, only integrate a pet into your apartment life if you are confident it won’t be left alone or neglected on a regular basis. Remember, our animals get depressed as well, so their well-being needs to be a priority for us as owners.

Do: Consider What Pet You Are Bringing into an Apartment Environment

Certain pets are likely to do better in an apartment than others. For example, cats make great apartment pets. When it comes to dogs on the other hand, there are certain breeds that need more space both inside and out than most apartments can accommodate. Smaller breeds tend to adjust well to apartment life, as do select larger breeds such as Great Danes, Poodles, or Dalmatians. However, breeds that require a lot of exercise such as Boxers, generally will not do as well in an apartment. They require more overall living space as well as a lot of time outside to ensure they get the exercise they need. 

Don’t: Tolerate Excessive Noise

Neighbour consideration is key even in a building that is filled with pets. While some animals (fish, cats, hamsters, rabbits etc.) are far less likely to make noise, whereas certain animals such as dogs can make noise throughout the day and night for several reasons such as fear, protection, anxiety, and too much energy. It’s important to a make sure your dog gets plenty of energy when you are home, so that they are tired when you leave and less likely to make unnecessary noise. Alert noises are to be praised, but a routine of constant barking if you are not home will likely not be appreciated by your neighbours, even in a pet-friendly building.

The ultimate keys to having a pet in your apartment is maintaining honesty with your property management, and dedicating time to your pet. Pets are a massive commitment that requires patience and dedication. The reward is a fiercely loyal companion that is sure to brighten your home life and bring you unparalleled joy.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our 100% pet-friendly Park Property buildings, visit our website here. Our dedicated team members are standing by to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us here if you have any questions.