Love is in the air!

Valentine's Day is a fantastic way to take the time to connect with your partner, but don't forget the romance must live on the rest of the year too! We have 5 simple steps to help you create your perfect date night at home.

Clean and De-clutter

When there isn't anything that needs cleaned or put away, your loved one will find it easier to relax and enjoy the evening. Change the sheets on the bed, remove all clutter, and do a quick vacuum and dusting.


Set the Mood

Transforming your apartment into a cozy romantic retreat is easy, with these simple tips:

  • Turn down the lights. Draw the drapes and then fill your space with candlelight. 

  • Cue the music. Create a playlist of romantic music and have it play softly on repeat. For an pre-selected playlist, use an online streaming service like Spotify or Google Music.

  • Arouse the senses with essential oils. The right scent can increase your desires and mood. Try using Jasmine, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, or Rose essential oils in a diffuser to spread the scent throughout your apartment.



Use deep red, burgundy, and even a splash of white to decorate your apartment. Add a cozy nook in the living room with soft throw blankets and plush pillows. Don't forget the flowers! Chrysanthemums, Gerbera Daisies, Tulips, and Ranunculus are great alternatives to the standard Rose.


Dine In

Dining at home doesn't mean you have to forgo the romance! Set the table with a dark tablecloth, your finest tableware, and even some crystal that can sparkle in the candlelight. Rose petals are a great addition to any table setting.

For those confident chefs, Jamie Oliver has a list of romantic meals with varied skill levels, or try out one of these easy recipes. If you'd rather take a break from the kitchen, order in from a favourite restaurant or use Just-Eat to find a something new.

A romantic picnic is a great idea for anyone who has little confidence in the kitchen. Finger foods, cold foods, and fruits are great ideas to serve. Don't forget to sprinkle rose petals around the picnic blanket and add some plush pillows for comfort.


Get Cozy & Comfortable

Valentine's Day entertainment can be anything you enjoy as a couple. Pick out a romantic comedy to watch, play a new or favourite board game, or use your essential oils for a relaxing and seductive massage.

Whatever your plans, take the time to remove distractions: silence your phones, turn off the TV, and focus on each other. Valentines Day and date nights are for love and spending time with someone you care about, your attention should only be each other.


Park Property hopes all our residents have a magical Valentine's Day!