Have you already set your 2022 resolutions? Perhaps you’ve chosen to take on some of our resolutions for renters. If you have, great! But, if not, you still have some time to create those goals! Now it’s time to focus on keeping your new year's resolutions for 2022 by creating the right mindset and daily practices.

For many, writing down your resolutions in a journal, planner or even just your phone will help you feel motivated and looking forward to a prosperous year ahead. However, it gets a bit tricky when your responsibilities at work and home start to feel overwhelming as life throws its unexpected challenges your way.

Committing to your 2022 resolutions can be hard, but with commitment and implementing some easy tips, you can stick to your New Year's resolutions this year.

#1 Practice self-compassion. One of the most significant ways we discourage ourselves from sticking to our resolutions is by being too hard on ourselves. The truth is, we can be our worst critics, which often causes us to become demotivated. Often, demotivation begins because we dwell on the negatives and all we didn't accomplish the previous year. This year, be gentle with yourself. Give yourself some credit for what you did do and be optimistic about your progress in 2022.

#2 Normalize self-talk. Did you know that talking to yourself causes you to connect with your goals on a greater level? Form a habit of communicating with yourself. This is an effective way connecting with yourself and providing the necessary confidence you need to stick to your resolutions. 

#3 Minimize stress levels. Stress is a significant factor that can affect how well you are able to stick with your resolutions. High-stress levels tend to alter your ability to maintain self-discipline because it brings about intense feelings of anxiety and tension leading to burnout and loss of motivation. Often we get so caught up in our daily stresses that we forget to prioritize self-care and our main goals.

#4 Structure your goals. Having an eye on the overall goal is important but creating smaller milestones can help you reach your goal and stick to your resolutions. Setting smaller goals as steppingstones keeps you interested and encouraged to keep pushing forward.

#5 Remember to reward yourself. As you accomplish each milestone or goal, reward yourself either with an activity or purchase that you have been looking forward to. This can be as simple as taking yourself to the movies.

#6 Trust the process. Don't become stuck on negative thoughts. It’s not beneficial to focus on what you haven't accomplished. Instead, appreciate how much you have done and overcome. Learning to acknowledge your accomplishments will help you maintain motivation while giving you the ability to view your shortcomings in a more positive mindset so you can actively learn from them.

#7 Do regular check-ins. You can either do this with yourself, a partner, family member or friend. Most importantly, you need to regularly evaluate your progress and make changes if a strategy is not working for you.

New year resolutions are not cliché. Setting goals at any point of the year is a crucial element to being successful in life. These tips can help you fulfill your resolutions and achieve your goals.

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