Living in Canada, we are familiar with the harsh winters. Staying warm and protecting a property from damage from the winter freeze is vital to staying happy and healthy until the warmer months. Here are seven helpful tips for renters this winter.


  1. Bring any issues to your landlord's attention as soon as possible.

In winter, small problems can quickly spiral out of control. If you notice any issue with your rental property, let your property manager or landlord know as soon as possible.


  1. Replace your heater's air filter.

If you haven't done so already, here's your reminder that the air filter in your intake vent is replaceable! In fact, it's recommended that you replace the filter in your heating system every quarter, but especially right before winter when it's going to be used the most. It helps keep allergens and other air pollutants down in your home.


  1. Invest in draft guards.

Okay, we get it, these may not be the most attractive accessory to add to your home. But if you're looking to maximize the heating in your space and save money, these are well and truly worth it. The gap under your door to the outside, hall, or just between rooms can end up costing you money and reducing the efficiency of your space.


  1. Buy some floor coverings.

If you've been debating on if you should buy an area run or not, here's the answer: do it! Tile, linoleum and hardwood floors all let out a considerable amount of heat (although not as much as your windows). Adding some rugs will keep your feet and apartment warmer through the winter months.


  1. Get a humidifier.

We tend to turn up the heat inside when the temperature drops outside, and while it can make your apartment nice and cozy it has the unpleasant side effect of drying out our sinuses, increasing allergens, and even drying out our skin.

Placing a humidifier in your apartment can ease much of this discomfort. There are many affordable options out there that are well worth it.


  1. Let the light in.

As the days get shorter, there's less sunlight to go around. That's why it's important to let the light into your apartment! Getting more light into your apartment has a direct impact on your mood and makes your apartment look even better.


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