1. Shorter commute and more job opportunities.

    Most people that move to Toronto are already working in their employment centres, however there are also plenty of job opportunities in diverse industries throughout the city. Some of the country's largest employers including Scotiabank, BMO, Deloitte, and CIBC all have large headquarters within the city. Toronto and other smaller regions such as Mississauga and Kitchener-Waterloo are also a hub for careers in the arts, media, and tech. Their diverse economies means that it can support a broad spectrum of industries.


  1.  Endless entertainment

If you're into your nightlife, music, sports, theatre and more, the city centre will give you endless options of entertainment. Should you prefer a quieter art show or bookshop, those are also present in abundance.


  1. Public transit options

Many city residents save on their cost of living by not owning a car. The mass public transit system is comprehensive and if that doesn't cover your needs, there are taxis, Ubers, and short-term car rental services. Residents can lower their environmental impact, monthly costs, as well as make better use of their time when they don't have to be behind the wheel.


  1. Meet new people

Toronto is quickly developing into an international city. Being the financial core of Canada, Toronto has become home to people from around the world. Canada is already well known for its welcoming, diverse population.


  1. Walkability

Canada's second most walkability city is Toronto. As urban environments continue to sprawl, walkability is becoming strongly preferred by both tenants and property buyers. Walkability is not only naturally better for the environment, but it ultimately results in better health and adds to a resident's quality of life. It means you can enjoy a stroll to your favourite coffee shop, walk to pick up groceries, or safely get home after enjoying wine with dinner.


  1. Shopping and restaurants

Within cities, you can find a broad range of stores and food to satisfy all tastes. Toronto's Eaton Centre is home to over 230 retailers, from international luxury brands to quaint boutiques. Resident of the city can easily access any of the endless shopping and dining experiences that appeal to their interests.


  1. Top-of-the-line medical services

Major cities tend to have some of the best medical services and specialists. City dwellers can have confidence that should they need it, they can access exceptional care. Toronto General was ranked by Newsweek as Canada's number one hospital – it not only draws in the county's best providers but medical professionals from around the world.


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