A favourite holiday amongst children is, of course, Halloween! From the fun of picking out their costumes to decorating and carving pumpkins, to running from door-to-door trick-or-treating, it is a child's dream for a good reason. With that said, there are many obvious safety risks that come on this last night of October. The following tips will help parents, children, and homeowners have a happy and safe Halloween!


Obey Traffic Rules and Be Visible

Be extra diligent about using crosswalks and corners when going across the street. If you're crossing at an unexpected point, you put yourself and your children at greater risk of not being seen by vehicles. Kids can often be excited and want to criss-cross while going from home to home, so keep an eye on everyone to ensure they are being safe and following basic rules of the road. Another helpful tip is to use either a light-coloured bag or pillowcase, or a light up candy pail so that there is a greater chance of drivers seeing your children coming. Lastly, avoid houses that are not well-lit and visibly welcoming to trick or treaters. A dark house often means the homeowners are not participating in Halloween festivities, so play it safe and move on to the next house.


Candy Safety

First and foremost, if you are severely allergic to any items that can be known to often contaminate candy (such as peanuts), be sure to tell the homeowner of this allergy before they put candy in your bag. If you own an EpiPen, take the extra precaution and bring it with you just in case. With that said, it is always best to refrain from eating any of the treats you've collected while out on Halloween until you return home. This way you can inspect to ensure that nothing has been tampered with and that there is nothing you or your child consume that may contain an ingredient you're allergic to.


Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

Many communities often host Halloween afternoon and evening activities catered to families with younger children. The same can be said for local malls and stores who offer fun activities for younger participants in a less busy and more controlled environment. Another option if you're leaning towards foregoing taking the kids out this year is to host your own Halloween party! Invite a few friends for games and movies with a seasonal spread of candy and snacks and avoid the congestion of neighbourhood trick-or-treaters.


COVID-19 Precautions

If your children do attend an indoor trick-or-treat event or public festivities, be sure wear a face mask and observe safe physical distancing. Universal masking indoors continues to be important. When children get home with their haul, remind them to wash their hands before eating any treats.


Children will be excited by the idea of returning to more normal Halloween activities this year after missing out in 2020. Implementing the tips above will ensure that you're taking extra precaution, which can not only help your children, but children throughout your community. From all of us at Park Property, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween!