1. Pick a theme and color scheme.

One of the mistakes that many people make when decorating for the holidays is they don't pick a theme or color scheme. When you're working with a small space, it's important that your holiday décor items complement each other. Consider going with something whimsical, opulent, contemporary or traditional. Pinterest is a great platform to find inspiration that you can adapt to your space.


  1. Welcome your guests with a decorated door

A simple wreath or garland can be enhanced with a string of battery-powered lights. Look for a set that you can program with a timer to make sure that your door is lit every evening. If you want something a little more unique, source a pair of antique ice skates or plastic ornaments to hang from your door.


  1. Keep your holiday tree space friendly.

Whether you're looking to bring in a live or artificial tree, find one that fits your space and isn't too overwhelming. Either stick with a small tree or a tall, narrow tree so that it doesn't take up too much floor space. Remember, if you're choosing to purchase a live tree, you need to have a plan to dispose of it when the season is over.


  1. Utilize what you already have.

If you don't have the space for the decorations you want (like a tree), take advantage of what you already have. A large houseplant can have lights and small ornaments added. Alternatively, consider hanging your lights in the shape of a holiday tree on your wall. If you're careful with how you secure your lights, you can even add some small ornaments or bows.


  1. Set your table.

If you're browsing dining room décor inspiration, you'll notice that tables are typically set. Even if you aren't planning to host guests for a meal, having the table set completes the space. Napkins, place settings, and some candles can add an extra element to your dining space.


  1. Swap your decorative pillows for holiday-themed pillows.

You can easily make your seating spaces festive for any season by swapping out accents like pillows and throw blankets. The same applies to your bedroom – add some pillows to your current bedding set or purchase a new cover to quickly transform your space.


  1. Don't overlook your bathroom

You can either go all out in this room or just add some simple touches. Small touches include tying some ribbon around your current soap and hand lotion, adding a seasonal candle, or creatively framing your mirror with ribbon.


  1. Choose decorations that can easily be stored in small spaces.

One of the challenges that many apartment residents have is that after the holiday season has passed, they don't seem to have a space for all of their festive decorations. When you're shopping for decorations, consider items that have a lot of presence but can be stored in small spaces, such as tablecloths, lights, ribbons, and garlands. Adding decorations to your permanent décor fixtures, such as putting ornaments in your fruit bowl, can also have a big impact.


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