We are just a few days out from one of the biggest celebrations of the year, and with that, the resetting of goals for 2022. New Year's resolutions typically revolve around health, personal and professional goals. But as a renter, what are some resolutions that will make your 2022 even better? We've put together a list of the eight resolutions that every renter should have.


  1. Rearrange your living space.

You don't always have to move to feel like you're living in a new space. Take a look at the dimensions of your room and your furniture. Can it be moved to create better flow? Give you space a new look by simply moving around the pieces you already have.


  1. Do a deep clean.

If you've listened to us on #1 then you will definitely want to listen to us here. Once you start moving furniture around, uncovering that piece of carpet that hasn't been seen for the past year, you'll understand why. Dust collects over time even in areas you think it wouldn't.

If you aren't moving around your furniture, it's important to periodically clean under and around furniture. This includes under your bed, which may require you to recruit the help of a roommate or friend.


  1. Declutter and organize

A cluttered, busy space can unknowingly add stress to your life. As you declutter your home by getting rid of items that are no longer of use and reorganise messy closets, you'll be surprised by the amount of space you'll gain back.

When all your belongings have a 'home', it makes it easier to keep your space tidy and find items when they are needed. Rome wasn't built in a day, begin by tackling one room at a time. Establish some easy organizational systems that you can continue to follow.


  1. Wash your dishes right after you eat.

Okay, we know this is simple but challenging. Your sink can easily become the black hole of dishes. By washing your dishes right away, you save yourself a much bigger task later and keep your space smelling fresh.


  1. Clean out your refrigerator.

When is the last time you check the expiry dates on all the sauces and condiments you have in your refrigerator? These items often sit around for months (hey, sometimes even years) after their expiration date.

Toss out old items and remove everything else, then it's time to give your refrigerator a much needed clean. Remove and clean all the drawers and shelves, then wipe down all the services.


  1.  Do a 'subscription audit'.

Subscriptions are easy to sign up for, and because they are often paid automatically, it's pretty common for people to forget how many they have signed up for. These costs can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars a year. Check your bank and credit card statements to see what you have been paying for and which you can eliminate.


  1. Set up auto-pay for your bills.

Setting up an auto-pay system for your bills will simplify your life, help reduce your stress levels and ensure no payments are missed.


  1. Use a budgeting app.

Saving for a holiday, new car or even a house deposit? Apps like Mint or Goodbudget can help you stay on top of your budget and savings. Using a tracking system will help you reach your financial goals.


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