What we love about winter is the opportunity to get outside and do something we can't enjoy doing during other seasons of the year.

We all get excited about snowboarding, skiing, and sledding. However, this winter calls for a bit more creativity in order to avoid heavily populated areas. 

If you're looking for a creative activity that'll fascinate both kids and adults, you can try freezing bubbles. Both fun and educational, mastering the technique of freezing bubbles can be turned into a great family activity. You can make a bubble fort, a tower, or just create a cool design. Depending on the temperature outside, your bubbles could last for a few hours or even days.

For those who prefer to be more active outdoors, we highly recommend tobogganing. No sled? Why don't you use your yoga mat to speed down the hill. You can also make a sled from a large black garbage bag and a pizza box. You will just need to make sure that when the pizza box is opened flat, you can sit on it without hanging off. You should then put the cardboard in the bag and secure the bag with duct tape for an instant sled. The toboggan hill at The Bridges is just 6 minutes from our Lamers Court Apartments in Tillsonburg.

Who doesn't love playing in the snow? This season you should get creative and go snow painting. You can make fun designs or just colour your snow creations. All you will need is some empty spray bottles, water, and food colouring. Next, you will need to fill the bottles with icy water and add enough of the food colouring, so that you get bold colours. Then, you can take them outside and start creating. 

Finally, cross-country skiing can be the perfect winter activity for the whole family because it's low-impact and relaxing. You can also encourage kids to enjoy cross-country skiing with games and incentives. In Waterloo, the Laurel Creek Conservation area has 4.5km of groomed trails. Great for family outings, Laurel Creek is only about 10 minutes from our Albert and Parkside apartments.