Just because repairs and maintenance are done by a maintenance team, doesn't mean you shouldn't own a toolbox of your own.

There are many tools which will come in handy during your time as a renter. Whether it's just for hanging pictures, building furniture, or performing small repairs by yourself, a toolbox is essential for any renter.

If you're not sure what tools you keep in possession, we can help. You can pick up a toolbox at your local department store or any hardware store. You won't need many tools, so a small toolbox is all you need.

First of all, we'd recommend having a wrench. Unless you have a specific project that requires a specific size wrench, you should opt for an adjustable wrench with narrow jails. This wrench will fit in tight spaces and can tackle a variety of jobs without taking up extra room.

Secondly, you should include a hammer in your toolbox. Renters shouldn't need more than a lightweight hammer. It is something essential that will help you hang a picture or build a piece of furniture at any time.

Next, ensure you have a screwdriver on hand. When shopping for a screwdriver, you don't need to buy a set. Instead, you should look for all in one screwdriver.

A measuring tape is also an essential tool to include in your toolbox. Whether you're buying a new piece of furniture for your apartment, or hanging up decor items around your home, a measuring tape will help ensure accuracy and have your apartment looking its best!

Among the miscellaneous items, we recommend having an assortment of nails, different types of fasteners, hooks, and tacks. Some safety glasses, duct tapes, wood and crazy glue, as well as a heavy duty extension cord are also great to have on standby.

If you're looking for your first apartment or need an upgrade, we've got a variety of suites to meet your needs.