When we get home, we often kick off our shoes, hang our coats, and set down bags wherever is convenient.

After time, the front entrance can feel cluttered and messy. Here at Park Property Management we have a few great suggestions on how to minimize the clutter at the front door.

Sometimes it's not a lack of space, but a case of too much stuff to store in one closet.
Work on de-cluttering and removing anything you don't absolutely need, or head to your local home improvement store for a closet organizer. Stackable or hanging baskets are great space savers and can help organize shoes and other outdoor wear into manageable compartments. 

Where should you put your keys, cell phones, and sunglasses?
When they get tossed on the kitchen counter or a table in the living room, you end up creating clutter in other rooms of your apartment. Consider adding a small table or storage bench in the entrance area, with a decorative bowl to keep your accessories in.  If you don't have room for additional furniture, install a small shelf with hooks instead, that can accommodate these items.

If you have kids, you know how tough it is to get them to hang up their coats and backpacks. The struggle is real!
Dual closet rods are a great solution that allow younger children access to a rod at their height. Tension rods are perfect for apartments because they won't damage the walls.

Are your shoes tripping you up?
If you are spending too much time trying to find your shoes, get organized! There are upright shoe organizers you can place inside or outside your closet, or you can simply use hooks with this DIY option.

With these simple suggestions, you can make your front entrance work for you. Remember a disheveled entrance will attract more clutter. When you opt for easy to use storage, your whole family can help keep things organized!